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I know you all are thinking this is so hot that we got see Cameron shirtless and pouring ice water on him, I totally thought it too. But this just means the world to me. Like I can’t express how much it means to me. The one person who I want to see my grow was taken from me by this disease when I was 10 and I remember every bit of it. To see my grandmother get told she has 3 months but living for a year and half just tell you how unpredictable ALS really is. Donating just $10 can do more than you think. It’ll help build up awareness which is what this challenge is all about. Last year at this time the organization raised a million and now it’s at four million. Just keep up the good work guys and raise awareness to help fight this awful disease.

The thing about this is, Cameron donated $5,000 to this and also $5,000 to the water company because of the amount of water wasted… When I was 8 I also got my grandmother taken away from me by ALS, and finding out was very rough… because I was 8 i barley even knew was a kiss was, don’t mind to understand ALS. Right this very moment, my grandfather has it he has 4 weeks left to spend with his family…and now that I understand it better, I’ll be able to calm myself this time and be cool I guess. As camboydallas said keep up the good work because the money we are raising is helping a lot.

finally, a magcon boy using his fame for good

he is literally the worlds biggest sweetheart

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